A new breed for Brazil

The Purunã breed is stabilized and the IAPAR has been certified by the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Food Supply – MAPA to provide the Special Certificate of Identification and Production (CEIP). The Purunã breed is successfully employed in many centers for livestock farmers who founded the Association of Purunã Breeders (ACP), an organization that took over the task of keeping genealogy records and the preservation of genetic features of the dam and sire. GENETIC CESCAGE is the Central of...


High Tech

The work developed and performed by CESCAGE GENETICS complies with the highest standards of quality. Its laboratories offer cutting edge equipment and a constantly trained team in Brazil and abroad. This ensures quality in customer service.



Fagundes Cunha Receives Title of Association of Goat Breeders in Spain

The Prof. Post Ph.D. Judge José Sebastião Fagundes Cunha received the title of Honorary Member of the Association of Goat Breeders Murciana Granadina of Spain from the hands of Dr. Javier Alvarez...

Founder of CESCAGE Genetics on Visit to Paraguay for future installation of laboratories

Founder of CESCAGE Genetics Post-Phd Appellate Judge Fagundes Cunha and his team, together with members of the Government of Misiones in Paraguay, made a technical visit to the future facilities of...

Get to know our project CESCAGE Genetics – Renewable Energy

Get to know the CESCAGE GENETICS – Renewable Energy, a proposal to give appropriate treatment to the waste from pig farming and livestock and to control the emission of carbon dioxide in the...


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